On Feast Day

Or the night before…

Parking – Find out the rules of procedure for parking, noise (noise level at the party), lights and fireworks /burning or barbecues). For catering and grilling, we would like to go through the appropriate placement of trolleys and grills / equipment.

Fire / Evacuation – Ask for an additional review of fire extinguishers /blankets, escape routes and first aid kit. Feel free to take some friends on a walking tour with our staff and there are several of you who can help remember.

Sorting at source – Also plan the handling of evt. food table, the buffet and the waste disposal (combustible and organic waste must be placed in closed containers (with lids). We have many stylish barrels and suitable containers (in kitchens) that can (and should) be used not least because we are in an environment (the barn and the surfaces around) that have a natural wildlife (swallows, hedgehogs, squirrel, fox and the occasional little mouse perhaps) why we are careful to leave food outdoors / front after the party and unattended.

NO candlelight – Inside (and just outside) the barn, we have strict bans on all use of fire and candles (including tealights). We think about everyone's safety and the importance of avoiding the risks of fire. We only have one barn and we want to protect it for the next generation of party participants/ wedding guests.