Before the Party

Helpers – Be many who help – Save on the forces to the party and let the best friend / parents and others. help the day before! It's fun (can give more ideas) and you can bring coffee / pizza and have a full day together.

Outdoor environment – We hope you use the lovely green space, the view. We are happy to help you with suggestions on how you can use the surfaces and tips on access to pavilion / party tents. Tables and chairs for the outdoor environment are available on site. (Tables and chairs inside the barn are not suitable for this and must not be taken out).

Technology – Appoint someone who can take responsibility for any technical that you may need. Many people want to do everything themselves but when it starts to be urgent and you might need to fix extra equipment / technology, they can take that ball. We at the farm of course help to show you our equipment – sound system, power sockets, projector and lights that can be redirected, etc.

Staff – To make everything work as well as possible, it is also important to think about how you solve it with serving and staff in the kitchen. Depending on how large a company you have in mind, we can give tips on the appropriate number that can serve and in almost all cases it is always good to have a dedicated handrail that takes care of the kitchen and coordinates the work with all washing, access to crockery and storage of food and drinks in refrigerators, etc. Please note that staff must be booked well in advance (at least a number of weeks in advance), discuss with us and we will be happy to communicate the contact.

Led Light – We have strict requirements that NO "live" candles (also apply tealights) may be used in the barn (The barn consists of wooden planks and wooden beams) for your own safety and future generations therefore we ask you to respect this and instead go "all in" to light up with energy efficient Led lamps that can now provide a warm and pleasant light (even in the form of simulated candle light) well suited for this environment.

Visit Us – Please come here to visit a few weeks/months before (make an appointment with Susanne). It takes time to get the really good ideas in place and inspiration often emerges over time. At the same time we can help you with suggestions for arrangements with tables, pennants and light loops (we also have some materials and extra props for rent if you so wish).