After the Party

Cleaning – the next day can be nice to give up (take a sleeper instead), we can also take care of any residual waste such as empty glass, deposit boxes, corrugated board and larger amount of combustible etc. for a fee. In the kitchen there is room for small amounts of garbage (sorting under the sink and thin with lid for exv. place foil, paper and small amounts of plastic packaging etc. Organically, do not mix in the same barrel as combustible.

Close the Barn – Please appoint one (or more) friends who take responsibility for putting out and closing the premises when you close for the evening. Also keep in mind that any food residues must not remain in the room, but must be left /picked up and put in barrels (with lids) for organic and combustible (except glass and bottles that of course may have some content left).

Glass and bottles – must be placed on tables and not floors or railings (where it may otherwise fall down and shatter, other places in the room. We recommend so-called . mingle parties to provide champagne / beer glass in acrylic plastic or similar to avoid the risk of glass shrapnel that is otherwise very difficult to remove while the party is going on (dark in the room) and the risk is great to get hurt.

Personal – Depending on what has been agreed, it is possible to download personal items such as pennants, lights, speakers, etc. the next day. When we clean, we will pick away and collect some things to be able to clean, we take care of this in the best way and make up for the appropriate placement before.

Valuables – Since the barn is a building with plank walls, the premises can not be completely protected against burglary (doors have locks). We do not take responsibility for you or your guests' valuables, so bring such home when you leave the party. For sound and light system, usually those who rent this to you are rules and what applies to you (important parts are tested the day before but perhaps put up in the morning the same day, etc.).