From experience, we have seen that almost every party held here at Dalhemfarm has used a lot of ice – both for the drinks at the bar but also to cool the champagne, beer bottles or perhaps that extravagant seafood buffet.

Therefore, we want to make it easier for our tenants and offer to help you fix ice cubes for all the party's drinks; We also have an electric ice crusher that is suitable to use directly in the bar. By buying your ice through us you do not have to pay shipping / delivery fee – you pay only one price for the ice.

Of course, we also sell ice to customers who do not
rent our barn. Adds a deposit for the Styrofoam barrel
that came with the delivery of the ice. When you return
the barrel (mandatory) you get the pledge back!
  • 25 liters of ice in Styrofoam barrel 250 kr
  • 15 liters of ice in Styrofoam barrel 150 kr
    • Deposit frigolite thin 100 SEK (added when collecting)

Note! The ice must be ordered no later than 1 week before your party

Order ice by email: