Rental information

Think about this when you rent from us…

  • Alcoholic beverages may be brought for serving (exv. as part of the catering firm's service or free offer to guests only but _INTE_ for sale within the facility (not even via sk. drink tickets).
  • The kitchen – We have a kitchen built to make it easier for the serving staff with the layout, some heating of sauces, baby food and the like , i.e. no cooking of food is allowed. There are fridges, freezers, coffee makers, dishwashers, microwaveovens, hotplates (for sauces, mulled wine, etc.). Access to kitchen equipment requires trained personnel.
  • Drinks and snacks that are not to be used at the food service, we recommend instead placed in the bar / fridge in the barn or on the tables in the room this to keep the work environment of the staff, the chefs free from insignificant materials and the kitchen hygienically!
  • Kylar/Bar – Is permanently placed in the room and must not be moved. This equipment is designed to counteract fire risk, facilitate evacuation, and adapted to the barn's electrical system and lighting.
  • Smoking occurs outdoors at the specified location (smoke screen) and _BARA_ where, no exceptions are allowed due to significant fire hazards closest to the barn!!! Cigarette butts and portion snus should be placed in the ashtray by the smoke screen (not on the ground please). Portion snus can also be put in garbage cans for combustible.
  • candles are NOT allowed (nor sparklers inside nor outside). Nowadays there are nice natural LED "fake candles".
  • The courtyard may be available until 9 pm but may be used for passage even later exv. to and from the smoke screen. Also keep in mind that confetti and rice _INTE_ is allowed to spread in the courtyard it because we do not have the resources or time to clean this up from the paving / cobblestone / natural stone. We allow exceptions for rose petals as these usually disappear quickly (atrophy) or blow away. Also looks very nice during the act itself.
  • The music in the barn should be silenced at 02:00 – but you are welcome to stay longer (provided this has been agreed). The maximum recommended sound pressure inside the room is 80dB (it is loud). Think of the staff and older guests who may have problems with hearing and extreme sound pressure. Keep in mind that your guests may be sensitive to flashing lights.
  • Music outside the barn is welcome to use exv. during mingling and wedding act, there are permanently installed wireless speakers (Bluetooth and Chromecast) of high quality on all patios. These are not intended for dance music later in the evening. Private battery speakers may be used in party tents provided that these do not provide more than lower background music where guests can still converse, etc.
  • Garbage such as empty glass, boxes and cans, the tenant is responsible for shipping away (but can also be purchased from us)
  • Toastmaster couple and/or host couple is responsible for notifying guests of all rules for staying in the barn (smoking, evacuation, toilets, etc.)

We are keen for our guests to experience a nice natural environment and spend a lot of time keeping the surfaces well-kept and clean from debris, plastic, butts, sachets with snus, etc. Help us keep order and ask your guests to fiddle in designated locations so we can make the best use of time for all our customers.

But above all…

~ Make sure to have a really nice time in our barn ~