Party Kit, more omph!

Our latest additional service "Party Kit". Our barn is basically an ordinary barn but with custom lighting, simple music system, PA system, etc. But we have noticed that some customers would like to go "all in" and fix some extra party atmosphere on the dance floor. If you don't already have or intend to book a DJ (many choose to fix the music themselves exv. via Spotify) otherwise they usually want to use their own equipment.

Big party kit
  • Music-controlled set with party lights
  • Extra rotating light output (lamp) to the floor
  • XL disco ball
  • Coloured lights for the tables
  • LED Loops for outdoor lighting (x2)

All our technology is of course wireless and connected via remote control. The kit's content will vary over time and is an additional service that can be ordered on site (check out the latest kit and prices in connection with the next planning meeting).

Smoke machine with smoke liquid

smoke machines Based on liquid (exv. from Kjell and CO) must not be used in the barn as these products have been shown to stain the floors and make these impossible to clean. Please contact us well in advance if you are considering renting extra equipment exv. for the dance, lighting, other PA equipment, etc.