Farm Café Menus and Opening hours

Susanne at the stable hill

We are open to sit here and eat or bring the food home. On weekdays, it is good if you pre-order your lunch at pick-up. For or
dering text messages or call +46 (0)709-300270 or by email susanne@dalhemfarm.seWe h
ave heaters but the barn is not insulated. Feel free to bring a jacket to wear if you are a little frozen. We also have blankets to borrow.

Opening hours

Wednesday-Friday: 11.30-17
Saturday-Sunday: 12.00-17


Noodle salad m roast beef or tofu – 105 sek(a
lso available gluten-free noodle salad
)Greek salad with homemade tzatziki, sourdough bread & butter – 85 k
r Shrimp salad with mayo, sourdough bread &
butter 125 krWeat bottom cheese pie with salad, sourdough bre
ad & butter – 95 kr Shrimp sandwich on hand
-peeled shrimp – 125 krSurdegsbaguette with
salami & brie – 70 kr Meatball sandwich (homemade meatballs) on
sourdough bread – 75 krThe hearty waffle with cr fraiche, hand-peeled prawns, lemon, rum, chopped red
onion & dill – 80 krThe sweet waffle with jam
& cream – 55 k
r Cinnamon bun – 25 kr Banana bread with
a dollop of cream –
30 kr Lovemums – 30
krRussinkaka – 10 k
rChokladboll – 17
krKolasnitt – 7 krSkumraket (g
luten-free) – 15 krCitronkaka (without added

sugar ) – 15 KRTo our yo
unger guests2 pancakes (homemade) with cream & jam 45
kr Pasta with meatballs ( 5 meatballs ) 55 SEK

Latte – SEK 40, Cappuccino – SEK 4
0Espresso Single/Double – SEK 25/35 C
offee SEK 2
5Te 20 k
rLäsk ( Cola, Cola Zero, Fanta, ) SEK 25
Loka ( Lemon, Naturell, Pomegranate ) SEK 25Fe
stis ( Raspberry, Pear ) SEK 15K
iviks Musteri Lemonade ( Lemon, Strawberry ) SEK 30
Kiviks Musteri Apple Must 30 KR
Naturfrisk Raspberry 25 krS
omersby Non-alcoholic cider (Pear, Rosé) SEK 35 b
eerLight 25
krMariestads Öl Alkoholfri 30 kr

OTTO and the Ice Cream Factory

Picture of ice cream from Otto and the ice cream factory
OTTO and Glassfactory, photo Susanne Olsson
  • Robbery or Cup
  • One, two or three (large) bullets
  • Caramel or Shocked Sprinkles
  • Milk-shocked Sauce
  • Our big Chocklad dip

We have lots of flavors, lactose-free varieties and many good pinna ice creams if you have difficulty choosing taste