Taco Friday

Let's fix the tacos on Fridays and you can sit down on the couch right after dinner and have Friday snugre with the familyA
dults: 120 krC
hildren: 65 kr ( up to 10 years )

The price includes the foll
owing:Tortilla bread or taco peel, sauce (available vegetarian), salad, cucumber, tomato, corn, onion, cheese, salsa, guacamole & nachochips
1 ball of ice cream for dessert

Drinks are bought separately

Pre-booking only – we run 2 sittings
at 17.30 or 19.009 Oct
, 16 Oct and 23 Oct( in c
ase of great interest will more dates)

info@dalhemfarm.se or 0709-300270