Farm Café Menus and Opening hours

Susanne at the stable hill

Now we are open again for pickup from v 47. Because the barn is not isolated, you can not sit here and eat; it's going to be cold. Please pre-order your lunch and for the weekend you can pre-order cookies, see b
elowFor ordering text messages or calling 0709-300270 or by email

Opening hours

No lunch for pick-up v 8 – SPORTS HOLIDAY

However, the café is open as usual until the weekend d 27 &28 February between 12-17


Semla 1 pcs 30 kr
Semla 4 pcs 100 SEK

Banana bread 25

krScones 20 kr

Cinnamon bun 1 pcs for 28 kr , 4 pcs 100 kr

Millionaires Shortbread 22

Chocolate ball 15

Jam cake 18

Raisin cake 12

Biskvi (gluten and dairy free) SEK 25

Coffee, Soft Drinks and Beverages

  • Coffee, toes included
  • Apple must
  • Rescued premium Juicer
  • Soft drinks also sugar-free
  • Light beer and non-alcoholic beer

OTTO and the Ice Cream Factory

Picture of ice cream from Otto and the ice cream factory
OTTO and Glassfactory, photo Susanne Olsson
  • Robbery or Cup
  • One, two or three (large) bullets
  • Caramel or Shocked Sprinkles
  • Milk-shocked Sauce
  • Our big Chocklad dip

We have lots of flavors, lactose-free varieties and many good pinna ice creams if you have difficulty choosing taste