We want the barn to be a focal point for everyone, but we all have different conditions and sometimes it can be a challenge to try to have the same experience. At Dalhemfarm we work hard to have a good accessibility for everyone. We have large areas, wide walkways that work for pedestrians, wheelchairs and strollers. Our parking also has excellent space for disabled adapted vehicles. If necessary, we can also assign additional places completely next to the barn with only a few steps to get within houses.

Our facilities

Toilets, changing tables

We have three toilets, two of which are model larger with one that is fully accessible for wheelchair accessible with height and sinkable sink and also changing table for children, accessible from wheelchair height.

Note! Due to COVID-19, a toilet is permanently allocated to staff. Disabled toilets are of course still fully accessible to our customers.


We have room for many cars in our large parking lot. For larger transports we also have a hardened surface (sludge stone covered with grass yen) just outside the barn. Here, for example, buses and transport vehicles can easily turn around, drop off guests and park (limited number of buses, contact us to ensure that we have space for parking of a larger bus).

Disabled vehicles have their own reserved seat, right next to the entrance to the café. Due to the natural environment with the difference in height from the ground outside and the building itself, the parking is located on a lighter sloped surface. Heavier wheelchair may need help to roll upthe front but there is no threshold into the coffee so it is quite easy to enter.

If necessary, vehicles can also enter through the gate and through the courtyard reach the automatic glass door where you can bring in a disabled vehicle e.g. wheelchair, walker or permobil.


Inside the party barn itself, the floor has been adapted since ancient times to follow the natural slope of the surrounding ground. Barns were built in the past, with a closure indoors in the case that rainstorms caused water to seep through the then simpler gates. Today there is no risk that water can enter of course but the floors retain their naturally weak closing surface. However, well within the margin of what is considered tolerant of exv. a walker or wheelchair. There are no thresholds for the toilet and the dance floor has only a smaller step <2cm för att förflytta sig från gångstråk till själva dansbanans golv.

Sound and light

The barn has a well-lit banquet floor and dance floor. In the barn there is also an extensive sound system that covers all surfaces and can give a good sound to the audience via exv. microphones or playback of sounds such as music and film (via the projector system). The barn also has access to the Internet via wifi and also allows customers to play content e.g. own spotify muik via the barn speakers (Usually what you do when booking the barn for wedding or party).

For comfort, the barn is also equipped with adapted (for the season) heating system that is running when needed.