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    The opening hours for this week are Thursday – Sunday at 11-16.Vi are pleased to tell you that we will now offer light dishes from @gazpachocatering . How about e.g. wraps & Västerbottenfrittata with seaweed caviar and sour cream ?? Yum, we say Photo: Ola Cedell

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    Opening hours Farm café

    What a success our café was and it is thanks to ER dear guests. We are so happy, humble and grateful. However, it was more staff-intensive than we had initially expected. So because of that, the opening hours will be as follows. Until no on 24 we are only open on Saturdays and Sundays between 11-16. When the summer holidays begin and our usual staff have summer leave from study and can start working here; then we are open Thursdays-Sundays as promised. We hope for understanding from you!! If you have any questions and any questions, you can call 0709-300270 or email to: info@dalhemfarm.seWe offer gluten-free and lactose-free alternatives. In…

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    Farm café Opening hours

    Opening hours during the opening week… Saturday 9 May at 11-16Sunday 10 May at 11-16 Welcome to our farm – here everything is a bit “shabby chic” and vintage; a little oblique and wobbled. But! We bake lovely cakes, make good coffee, have a wonderful atmosphere (we think ourselves anyway) and lovely jazz in our speakers. Come and enjoy the beautiful rape seed that surrounds us, keep your distance from other “fikande” like-minded, chill, knit, read a book or just relax. If you are lucky, Wild strawberries (cat and manager in the yard) and want to be patted 🙂 It may even happen that our dog Disa greets you and…